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      糧油食品 Automotive Battery Dear Sir/Madam, Please send me more details about your products and quote me your pest price for the following: Sl Old Type New Type (AH) Qty 1 N40L 32C24L 40Ah 208 2 N50ZL 55D26L 60Ah 144 3 NS70L 65D26L 65Ah 144 4 NX120-7L 95D31L 80Ah 136 5 N120 115FS1 120Ah 54 6 N135 135Ah 54 7 N150 145G51 150Ah 48 8 N200 195H52 200Ah 36 9 MF55559 55Ah 240 10 MF55565 55Ah 120 Total 1184 Co:Alhizam Truck Spare Part Co Add:Amman-jordan, Abu Alanda, Industerial Area, Amman, Jordan Tel:00962-6-4170136 Fax:00962-6-4170138 Email:jabari**[ta]**eria.jo 聯系人:Majdi Aljabari - Excutive Manager國家:Jordan jabari**[ta]**eria.jo

      糧油食品 en Dear Sir, Would like to check with you whether you can supply a unique pen. It is for our organization as our MD is looking for something special for our client. Appreciate if you could reply my inquiry. Thanks. Co:Ajv Holdings Sdn Bhd Add:Sme Technopreneur, Jalan Usahawan 2, Cyberjaya, Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia Tel:60-03-83196218 Fax:60-03-8318 6217 Email:ahmadnazri**[ta]**.com.my 聯系人:azri國家:Malaysia ahmadnazri**[ta]**.com.my

      糧油食品 Furniture Caster Dear Sir, I am interresting in your products: Furniture Caster. Can you give me more information about your Furniture Caster? Waiting for your early reply. Thanks, and best regards. Co:Fotaflex Ltd Add:31,Nicolay Rd., BP 20 Port Louis, Mauritius Email:fotaflex**[ta]**net.mu 聯系人:Fabrice Huet國家:Mauritius fotaflex**[ta]**net.mu

      糧油食品 Garment Bag Garment bag with printing logo Self: recycle paper (like recycle bag) Printing logo: 1 color Size: h 52 mm x 190 mm Trim: YKK #5 silver coil zipper :CF Velcro: bag closure Grosgrain tape : handle, back stripe Grosgrain ribbon : around edge Metal ring 1.7 cm : front and back Size spec, Front width : 54.5 cm CF opening: 108cm CB length : 113.5 cm Side width : 10.5 cm Finished handle length : 47 cm Total handle length : 49 cm *** Qty: 1,000pcs Please advise price + leadtime for sampling/production Co:All Source Holdings Ltd Add:Unit E, 11/F., Block A, Marvel Industrial Building, 25-31 Kwai Fung Crescent, Kwai Chung, N.T., Hong Kong Tel:(852) 24200070 Fax:(852) 27542680 Email:kathywong**[ta]**source.hk,kp**[ta]**source.hk Website:www.allsource.hk 聯系人:athy國家:Hong Kong kathywong**[ta]**source.hk

      糧油食品 Suction Cup With Two Finger Holes From China Dear Sir, Attached is our inquiry for a rubber suction cup with the two finger holes. I'm looking for a company that is able to manufacture this item. Not sure if your Chinese manufacturer is able to take on this type of project, but if not possibly you can refer me to someone. PLEASE SEE ATTACHED FILE! Suction Cup With Two Finger Holes From China.pdf Co:Micro Grip, LLC Add:2035 Wrangler Way, Grand Junction, CO 81507, United States Tel:1-(970) 462-3789 Fax:1-(866) 534-6008 Email:callrod**[ta]**.com 聯系人:R. A. Ebertowski國家:United States callrod**[ta]**.com

      糧油食品 water pump We are interested to buy water pump assay for Mitsubishi Engines. Please let us know do you operate with OEM part nos ? Please reply. Regards Co:YellowLine LLC Add:P.O. Box: 43655 Sharjah UAE Tel:971-6-5635720/21 Fax:971-6-5635723 Email:info**[ta]**lowlineuae.com Website:www.yellowlineuae.com 聯系人:adsha國家: info**[ta]**lowlineuae.com

      糧油食品 glass greenhouse Hello, We are from Lithuania. Please contact with me with FOB price on glass greenhouse. I'm interesting for glass greenhouse. Pls as soon as possible. Co:Aliuminio stilius Email:info**[ta]**uminiostilius.lt Website:www.aliuminiostilius.lt 聯系人:.Jackevicius國家:Lithuania info**[ta]**uminiostilius.lt

      糧油食品 distilled monoglycerides (DMG) and polyglycerol esters of fatty acids (PGE) We use distilled monoglycerides (DMG) and polyglycerol esters of fatty acids (PGE) for cake emulsifier. Please send us your best competitive prices for your products DMG vegetable origin and PGE vegetable origin and chantilly base if you have it. We appreciate your cooperation and to hear from you as soon as possible. Thanks and best regards Co:ITOC DIS TIC. VE ORG. LTD STI. Add:2/3 BAGCILAR/ISTANBUL Tel:90 212 5150446 Fax:90 212 5150446 Email:fatih**[ta]**kat.com聯系人:M.Fatih KILINC國家:Turkey fatih**[ta]**kat.com

      糧油食品 enipin Dear Sir/Madam I am writting for asking about genipin. Please let me know the price for packing and price for amount of 5g, 10 and 25g (including shipment to Poland,Gdansk) Does this product meet pharmaceutical requirements? Please include characteristic card. Thank you for quick answer. Co:Gdansk University of Technology Email:gregory.gorczyca**[ta]**il.com Website:http://www.pg.gda.pl/chem/polimery_amp/ 聯系人:Grzegorz Gorczyca國家:Poland gregory.gorczyca**[ta]**il.com

      糧油食品 Vermicelli rice noodles machine Dear Sir / Madam Quotation for Vermicelli rice noodles machine We are interested in your Vermicelli rice noodles machine I am pleased to request for a quotation for below mentioned machine. Vermicelli rice noodles machine We are new to this vermicelli production. Therfore please send us details of your vermicelli machine, the process of vermicelli production(which can be done using your machine) , specifications of the machine, capacity, steam/power consumption,,,etc We also need a photo of vermicelli sample which were produce by your machine. If you can send it to our factory in Sri Lanka.We will pay the postage fee. Your early response is highly appreciated. Thanking you Co:Raigam Marketing Services (Pvt.) Ltd Add:No.277,Koswatta,Kiriwattuduwa, Sri Lanka Tel:94 (11) 5059261-2 Fax:94 (11) 2753342 Email:wansapuratharaka**[ta]**oo.com Website:www.raigam.lk 聯系人:Tharaka Wansapura國家:Sri Lanka wansapuratharaka**[ta]**oo.com

      糧油食品 frozen pineapples I want to buy fresh/ chilled and frozen pineapples. This is for the african and middle east market. Kindly quote me prices on f.o.b basis. Co:Tilley Group of Companies Add:W.E. Tilley (Muthaiga) Ltd;P.O Box 11880, Nairobi.Kenya. Tel:254-020-862203/4 Fax:254-020-862205 Email:info**[ta]**leygroup.com Website:http://tilleygroup.com 聯系人:El Deen國家:Kenya info**[ta]**leygroup.com

      糧油食品 Tomato Seed Dear Sir/Madam My company seeking for good tomato seed for open field in warm climate and I want to buy Tomato Seed product you are selling, please contact me ! Regards Co:Sabz Poyan co. Add:No. 89,Next to Vali Asr Clinic Bargh St., Shiraz- Iran Email:info**[ta]**zpouyanco.com Website:www.sabzpouyanco.com 聯系人:N. Enfeal國家:Iran info**[ta]**zpouyanco.com

      糧油食品 water tank Hello, I'm interesting to make a large acrylic cylinder salt water tank for our project in Vietnam Danang in the next three month. If you do custom make please contact me by email and I can provide more information's. Co:VOTRONICS, INC. Add:1505 Capital Ave Plano, Texas 75074. Tel:972.509.8494 Fax:972.509.8490 Email:info1**[ta]**ronicsinc.com,david**[ta]**ronicsinc.com 聯系人:David N. Vo國家:USA info1**[ta]**ronicsinc.com

      糧油食品 Wet Suit for Kids Inquiry for Wet Suit for Kids (NS-003)) Would like to have 20 wetsuits Donated for kids with special needs. Please see our website for more info. May we please order 5 kids full wetsuits size 5 xxs 5 kids size 6 xs 5 kids s or size 8. These will be used for taking kids with autism, and blind kids surfing. Co:Best Day Foundation Add:259 West San Clemente St. Ventura, Ca. 93001 Tel:1 800 309 2815 Fax:1 928 752 5418 Email:info**[ta]**tdayfoundation.org Website:http://www.bestdayfoundation.org/c 聯系人:eny國家:USA info**[ta]**tdayfoundation.org

      糧油食品 Wet Suit for Kids Inquiry for Wet Suit for Kids (NS-003)) Would like to have 20 wetsuits Donated for kids with special needs. Please see our website for more info. May we please order 5 kids full wetsuits size 5 xxs 5 kids size 6 xs 5 kids s or size 8. These will be used for taking kids with autism, and blind kids surfing. Co:Best Day Foundation Add:259 West San Clemente St. Ventura, Ca. 93001 Tel:1 800 309 2815 Fax:1 928 752 5418 Email:info**[ta]**tdayfoundation.org Website:http://www.bestdayfoundation.org/c 聯系人:eny國家:USA info**[ta]**tdayfoundation.org

      糧油食品 wooden packaging boxes Presently we are in search of a supplier for wooden packaging boxes for our perfumes &amp; attars. If you will be able to supply them to us then kindly forward us details regarding various options in wooden perfume boxes, type of wood, color etc. Initially we require your best quote for 1000 wooden boxes with following specification: 20x20x15 cms (LxWxH). Also send us details of packing &amp; delivery time. Do forward us images of various wooden boxes made in your factory. Regards Co:ASGHAR ALI &amp; SONS CO. W.L.L. Add:P.O. Box 104, Manama,Kingdom of Bahrain Tel:+973-1721-5577 Fax:+973-1721-5199 Email:info**[ta]**harali.com Website:www.asgharali.com 聯系人:Lijo Mathews Koshy國家:Bahrain info**[ta]**harali.com

      糧油食品 Viscosity Index Improver We consume solid VI improver (OCP/Esprene type) approx. 500 Mt per annum. If available please quote price for solid block of both kind of VII with specifications, CNF Dubai. Co:Universal Lubricants L.L.C Add:P.O.Box : 6527, Sharjah - U.A.E Tel:971-6-5320131, Fax:971-6-5336161. Email:unilube**[ta]**rates.net.ae Website:www.unilube.ae 聯系人:arlos國家:UAE unilube**[ta]**rates.net.ae

      糧油食品 rayon filament yarn We use rayon filament yarn with the next features: 1.- 300 D / 60 F / 1.7 twist per turn 2.- Twist type S 3.- Bright 4.- Colors basis on Mass dye. a) White 2000 kg per month b) Black 1000 kg per month c) Natural 1000 kg per month What is your minimum batch ? For our process is extremely important to get a high quality on White color 5.- Colors ( In average 10 different colors) basis on Yarn dye 2000 kg per month What is your batch minimum for this process ? Also I would like to know your commercial conditions for us in Mexico I hope these information is enough, so far, in order to make business Yours truly Co:Teresita Tel:+55 5082 0310 Email:ventas**[ta]**esita.com.mx Website:www.teresita.com.mx 聯系人:Antonio Serrano國家:Mexico ventas**[ta]**esita.com.mx

      糧油食品 Soft Plastic fishing baits Dear Sirs., May we introduce ourselves as one of the leading importers and distributors of fishing appliances in Lebanon and Syria since more than 20 years. We have interest in your soft plastic fishing baits. Pls let me know your e-mail address so to pass my detailed inquiry. Best regards. Co:LETRO Add:MOUTRAN STREET; NEGRO BLDG,P.O.BOX: 622; TRIPOLI (VIA BEIRUT),LEBANON Tel:00961 6 624512 Fax:00961 6 628211 Email:luckyfish40**[ta]**oo.com Skype:sea.star.40 聯系人:George Abou Nassar國家:Lebanon luckyfish40**[ta]**oo.com

      糧油食品 PP/Glass Coplin Jars I would be interested in your PP/Glass Coplin Jars. Could you please let me know how much the price would be for shipmentfor either 12 glass coplin jars or 12 PP coplin jars ? Thank you very much Co:Universite catholique de Louvain Add:1, Place de l Universite B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) Tel:32 (0)10/47.21.11 Fax:32 (0)10/47.29.99 Email:int**[ta]**.ucl.ac.be Website:http://www.uclouvain.be/ 聯系人:Guido Bommer國家:Belgium int**[ta]**.ucl.ac.be

      糧油食品 Urea Formaldehyde plant Dear Sirs, We are consultants serving the Pakistan trade and industry since 28 years. One of our clients have asked us to develop the following project for them: 1) A 50 TPD Urea Formaldehyde plant with a captive Formaldehyde 37% unit based on methanol. This urea formaldehyde would be required for use in chipboard industry with most of the product going to the sponsor's chipboard plant. Kindly let us have some basic information on this project including the following aspects: 1) process details 2) plant and equipment required 3) area, covered area and civil works required 4) number and quality of manpower required 5) consumption/quality of raw materials, processing materials and utilities 6) provision of engineering/know-how 7) supervision of erection and startup 8) warranties/guarantees 9) Cost of above 10) delivery time 11) reference list 12) provision of local fabrication of plant and equipment Kindly provide us with the above information alongwith budgetary prices so that we can then proceed further in the matter. With best regards Co:CHEMICAL PRODUCTS &amp; SERVICES Add:43/12 Main Gulberg,Lahore-54660 (Pakistan). Tel:92-300-8484437 Fax:92-42-35782127 Email:makhalid**[ta]**er.net.pk, mujeeb.khalid**[ta]**il.com 聯系人:Mujeeb Khalid國家:Pakistan makhalid**[ta]**er.net.pk

      糧油食品 Sodium Hydrosulfide KIND SIR, WE ARE IMPORTER AND INDENTORE. PLEASE QUOTE US BEST LOWEST BIZ POSSIBLE PRICE. OF Sodium Hydrosulfide C.F.C 35 COMMISION KARAHI. PAKISTAN. SEND US PRODUCT DETAIL RGDS. Co:M/S. MAHMOOD BROTHERS Email:fateh_nisar**[ta]**mail.com 聯系人:NISAR FATEH國家:Pakistan fateh_nisar**[ta]**mail.com

      糧油食品 steel shot We are interested to import C.I.SHOTS 2.40MM S=950 Spec. B.S=2451-1963 Qty: 6,000 Kgs Kindly quote lowest C&amp;F Karachi rates indicating origin, packind and shipment date. Regards Co:Khan Brothers Trading Co. Email:kbtc76**[ta]**oo.com 聯系人:Zahid Khan國家:Pakistan kbtc76**[ta]**oo.com

      糧油食品 Turbo wind Ventilator Please send your best quotation for 25 number of Turbo Wind Ventilators for installation on workshop roof tops C&amp;F Dubai at the earliest. Please send your quotation to us. Co:The Kanoo Group Tel:971-50-1688481 Email:prashant.nasery**[ta]**oo.ae 聯系人:Prashant Nasery國家:UAE prashant.nasery**[ta]**oo.ae

      糧油食品 istachios Borker agent in italy, looking for a strong supplier of pistachios in shell and kernels. Pls contact us urgently. Co:GIUSEPPE MUSUMECI RAPPRESENTANZE Add:Piazza Nettuno, 3695127 Catania - Italia Tel:+39 095 492785 Fax:+39 095 7124424 Email:trademus**[ta]**.it, musumeg**[ta]**.it Website:WWW.TRADEMUS.IT MSN:beppebeppe21**[ta]**mail.com SKYPE:giubepp 聯系人:Mr Giuseppe Musumeci國家:Italy trademus**[ta]**.it

      糧油食品 Fresh Garlic Dear Sir: We are interested to buy Fresh Garlic in large quantity. Please let me know please write in detail about your company ability for export. Please also want to know the sizes of your Garlic. Minimum order quantity and FOB,CIF (Karachi) prices etc. Nice Regards Co:Pluto International Add:Sialkot-Pakistan Email:info**[ta]**tointl.com,plutointl**[ta]**il.com 聯系人:Faheem Yousaf國家:Pakistan info**[ta]**tointl.com

      糧油食品 PP Woven Circular Fabric Rolls I am Interesting in PP woven circular fabric roll. size: 26', 11x 10 PSI, 900 d 22', 10 x 8 PSI, 900 d 23, 11 x 10 PSI, 900d 20', 12 x 11 PSI, 900d Kindly quote me your best price CIF Pasir Gudang Port, Malaysia Co:Poly-Yarn Industries Sdn Bhd Tel:6016 - 6633009 Email:clarence4859**[ta]**oo.com 聯系人:Clarence Chua國家:Malasiya clarence4859**[ta]**oo.com

      糧油食品 Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous Dear Sir/ Madam, We are very glad to make correspondence with your world famous chemical manufacturer. We are very much eager to establish a business relationship with you. Please, send us price of Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous 99 with other terms and conditions for export. Wishing your urgent response. Thanking you. Co:SRF Trade International Tel:880-02-8128031 Email:akm.srhabib**[ta]**il.com 聯系人:Mr.A.K.M Selim Reza Habib國家:Bangladesh akm.srhabib**[ta]**il.com

      糧油食品 transparent Bopp tape We are importing transparent Bopp tape (low tack). Thank you for your cooperation, we expect to make a great business, answer me as soon as possible. Co:Leadman Technology Add:1 Kaki Bukit Road 1#04-45 Enterprise One Singapore 415934 Tel:65 6848 2180 Fax:65 6848 2013 Email:sales**[ta]**dmantech.com Website:http://www.leadmantech.com 聯系人:Mr.Fong Kok Liang國家:Singapore sales**[ta]**dmantech.com

      糧油食品 Digital weighing scales We are looking forward to find manufacturers of Mechanical and Digital weighing scales. Pleas send us your products information , price , payment , delivery time , as soon as posible. Co:Avon Corporation India Ltd Add:15/B, 2nd Floor,Kamal Kunj, S.V. Road , Irla Bridge,Andheri (West), Mumbai - 400 058. Maharashtra, India Tel:91-22-6680 4040 Fax:91-22-2671 7475 Email:marketing**[ta]**n.co.in Website:http://www.avon.co.in/ 聯系人:Mr.Mrudul Mhatre國家:India marketing**[ta]**n.co.in

      糧油食品 ceramic insulators We wanted ceramic band heater insulator for our heater manufacturing unit in india. We are one of the leading heater manufacturers in india and require these insulators in bulk quantities. Your prompt reply would be appreciated. Co:ELMEC HEATERS &amp; CONTROLLERS Add:M5, THIRU VI KA INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, GUINDY, CHENNAI-600032. TAMILNADU, INDIA Tel:044-22501714/22501713 Email:sales**[ta]**echeaters.com , srini1**[ta]**aone.in Website:http://www.elmecheaters.com 聯系人:Mr.srinivasan selvaraj國家:India sales**[ta]**echeaters.com

      糧油食品 Aluminum Sheet Inquiry about Aluminum Sheet. Please quote to us for 50 pieces of plates cut to dimensions of thickness 100mm*155mm*170mm in alloy quality of 5083. Co:TECHNOMETAL-Orfanidis Sons Tel:30-2310-796668 Fax:30-2312-206668 Email:info**[ta]**anidis.gr Website:http://www.orfanidis.gr/ 聯系人:Mr.Dimitris Orfanidis國家:Greece info**[ta]**anidis.gr

      糧油食品 Nylon Rope Dear Sirs/Madam We want to import Nylon Rope. Please can you confirm if you are able to supply 20mm diameter staple spun nylon rope? Let me know your idea asap. Co:Bailey International Add:Grimshaw Lane, Bollington, Macclesfield, Cheshire, England SK10 5NY Tel:44-01625-576234 Fax:44-01625-576789 Email:enquiries**[ta]**eplejacks.net,enquiries**[ta]**htningconductors.co.uk Website:http://www.steeple-jack.co.uk/ 聯系人:r.Andy國家:United Kingdom enquiries**[ta]**eplejacks.net

      糧油食品 Iron wire Dear Mr Please give me an offer about Iron wire galvan diameter 0.13 mm. The plastic rolls are DIN 200 You can offer free Germany 1 or 2000 kg Greeting. Co:DHD Technology GmbH &amp; co. KG Add:Gescaftsfuhrung - Dieter Heubusch Rother Strabe 1 D-91174 Spalt Tel:49-9175-9075981 Fax:49-9175-908560 Email:info**[ta]**-technology.de Website:http://www.dhd-technology.de/ 聯系人:Mr.Dieter Heubusch國家:Germany info**[ta]**-technology.de

      糧油食品 prefilled syringes We are looking for a prefilled syringes with 10ml of water in a sterile pack. This product is for use in Bladder irrigation filling of Foley catheter. Hope to hear from you soon. Co:CliniSupplies Ltd Add:Unit 9, Elmgrove Road Harrow Middlesex HA1 2HP Tel:44 (0) 20 8863 4168 Fax:44 (0) 20 8426 0768 Email:info**[ta]**nisupplies.co.uk Website:http://www.clinisupplies.co.uk/聯系人:Mr.Nainesh Shah國家:United Kingdom info**[ta]**nisupplies.co.uk

      糧油食品 energy saving lamps Please quote me 5.000 energy saving lamps, candle form, 11 Watt with German labelling on the packing including transport and German customs. Only certified lamp bulbs. Please attach certificate. Co:woza-globaltrade Tel:49-1715450088 Email:info**[ta]**a-globaltrade.de Website:http://www.woza-globaltrade.de/ 聯系人:Mr.Tobias Zach國家:Germany info**[ta]**a-globaltrade.de

      糧油食品 auger flights We are looking for small centerless auger flights, the sizes are: outside diameter 42mm, 50mm pitch, made from 12 x 2mm stainless steel wound on the edge and 670mm long ,i look forward to hearing from you ! Co:Jones Nash Ltd Add:12 Lee Street, Louth, Lincolnshire. LN11 9HJ Tel:0845 345 2049 Email:info**[ta]**es-nash.com Website:http://www.jones-nash.co.uk/ 聯系人:Mr.Simon Ducker國家:United Kingdom info**[ta]**es-nash.com

      糧油食品 Galvanized Steel Coil Galvanized Steel Coil 35mm*610mm - 0.37mm*610mm - 0.40mm*610mm - 0.45mm*610mm - 0.50mm*610mm - 0.60mm*610mm - 0.70mm*610mm CIF Odessa, Ukraine. Please contact if you supply. Co:GIRAMONDO ,LTD Add:R. Moldova mun.Chisinau, str.Uzinelor 21, of.42, 43 Tel:+ (373 22) 855-875 Fax:+ (373 22) 475-392 Email:giramondosrl**[ta]**oo.com,office**[ta]**amondo.md Website:http://www.giramondo.md/ 聯系人:Mr.Dan Popusoi國家:Moldova giramondosrl**[ta]**oo.com

      糧油食品 carf I am Interested in Lunar New Year Scarf. Suppliers/Sellers, Kindly send me their quotations with bottom price with all properties regarding this product. Please let me know the minimum quantity and your payment terms and conditions. Co:Star Mission Services Pte Ltd Add:10 Ubi Crescent, Ubi Techpark (Lobby D), #06-79, Singapore Tel:65-6-7496781 Email:johnnygoh**[ta]**rmissionservices.com Website:http://www.starmissionservices.com/ 聯系人:Mr. Russell Chew國家:Singapore johnnygoh**[ta]**rmissionservices.com

      糧油食品 carf I am Interested in Lunar New Year Scarf. Suppliers/Sellers, Kindly send me their quotations with bottom price with all properties regarding this product. Please let me know the minimum quantity and your payment terms and conditions. Co:Star Mission Services Pte Ltd Add:10 Ubi Crescent, Ubi Techpark (Lobby D), #06-79, Singapore Tel:65-6-7496781 Email:johnnygoh**[ta]**rmissionservices.com Website:http://www.starmissionservices.com/ 聯系人:Mr. Russell Chew國家:Singapore johnnygoh**[ta]**rmissionservices.com

      糧油食品 Ski Bag We are a Complete Packaging Supply Company that provides it's customers with on time delivery, cost effective materials and all the required products from the one source. We are Interested in Ski Bag With Wheels for our customer. Please let me know your price. Co:Cardboard Box Shop Add:The Cardboard Box Shop 9 Glentanna St, Kedron.QLD. Australia. 4031 Tel:(07) 3256 4970 Fax:(07) 3359 9444 Email:info**[ta]**dboardboxshop.com.au Website:www.cardboardboxshop.com.au 聯系人:Mr. Mark Rohde國家:Australia info**[ta]**dboardboxshop.com.au

      糧油食品 ippers We Are Looking For Plastic Zippers, Nylon Zippers, Metal Zippers, Metal Rivets, Metal Patches, Metal Buttons For Our Productions. As We Are Working For European Clients The Quantities Will Not Exceed 1200 Numbers Per Color Or Designs, Minimum Will Be 500 Nos. If You Can Supply Us This Requirements Do Forward Us Your Details We Will Furnish You Our Exact Requirements. I am also interested to procuring for fabrics.We would like to do business with the reliable supplier. Please send us quotation as soon as possible. If your quotation meets our desire criteria we will definitely do business with you. Thanks. Co:Gold Spun Corp Add:4.KADIR NAGAR,KANGAYAM ROAD, Tiruppur, Tamilnadu Tel:91-421-4355771 Fax:91-421-4355771 Email:Joseph**[ta]**dspuncorp.com Website:http://www.goldspuncorp.com/ 聯系人:Mr. Joseph gerald國家:India Joseph**[ta]**dspuncorp.com

      糧油食品 Baby Shoes Required Baby Shoes With Cheaper Price. We Are Import &amp; Export Company. If You Accept L/C At Sight, Please Send The Price List To Us. We would like to do business with the reliable supplier. Please send us quotation as soon as possible. If your quotation meets our desire criteria we will definitely do business with you. Thanks. Co:Modern Shoes Product Fty Add:Unit G, 23 / F, Houston Industrial Building, 32-38 Wang Lung Street, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong Tel:00-852-26931213 Fax:00-852-35930313 Email:info**[ta]**ernshoes.com.hk Website:http://www.modernshoes.com.hk/ 聯系人:Ms. Alice Wong國家:Hong Kong info**[ta]**ernshoes.com.hk

      糧油食品 Shirting Fabric I am looking to buy Shirting Fabric and would like to deal with the reliable supplier. What type of payment method do you accept? I am waiting for your kind and urgent response. Could you please provide me price list,delivery time and about shipping? Co:Fabricraft Impex Pvt. Ltd. Add:110, Wanjara Industrial Layout, Kamptee Road,Nagpur-26. Tel:0712-3211140/30 Fax:0712-2630674 Email:sameer**[ta]**ricraftimpex.com Website:http://fabricraftimpex.com 聯系人:Ms. Padmashree國家:India sameer**[ta]**ricraftimpex.com

      糧油食品 Cement 42.5 R I have a request cement 42.5R in 50kg bags, 25000 MT SPOT (Boma) Matadi Democratic Republic of Congo. After SPOT 25,000 MT contract we 150.000MT 12x in the year of 12,500 MT, renewable for three years (to make the contract have to make the first SPOT) Send me the characteristic of cement, origin and CIF price. Best regards Co:Grupo Caslar Tel:34 959328407 Email:info**[ta]**pocaslar.com 聯系人:Edinei Rosa Florencio國家:Spain info**[ta]**pocaslar.com

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